We are a team of professional filmmakers & photographers capturing you on your special day

Our Story

At Cinefilm Production, we're all about making your memories shine brighter than a diamond! Our team is fueled with passion and dedication to turn your special moments into a magical masterpiece. We know how valuable your wedding day is, which is why we go above and beyond to capture every moment with a natural, cinematic twist. And once the photo-shoot is wrapped up, our post-production wizards sprinkle some extra fairy dust to make your snaps even more enchanting. We vow to make your memories timeless and captivating!

Meet the Team

Prakash Kr. Singh Sr. Candid Photographer

Pradeep Kr. Singh Cinematographer & Editor

Garima Sharma Project Coordinator

Aman Kr. Singh Assistant Cameraman & Drone Operator

Viren Mehra Sr. Candid Photographer

anshay Sr. Candid Photographer

FILM EMOTIONS as they happen in real-time

Your wedding is incredibly important to us and it’s our job to make your BIG DAY look even BETTER on film, as you deserve the right to cherish those moments for a lifetime.

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